Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to live stream?

A: Live streaming is generally a fee for service arraignment which doesn’t necessarily include a creative fee like other video production.

Streaming starts from $900 for a single operator straight-forward live stream.

As we introduced additional cameras we then need a switching desk operator to change between camera angles. We can sometimes still have one camera operator and the second camera locked off or we can introduce a second camera man as well. A team of 3 for a 1-2 hour stream starts from $2,800. Once we start adding in more than two presenters speaking at once then we need to introduce an audio engineer to ensure the audio feed is crisp and clear. That is an additional $800.

Q: Can we shoot in a studio for a controlled noise environment?

A: Shooting from the studio gives much more space to work, it provides a green room for presenters waiting to come to the show and a make up room to keep everyone looking their on-screen best.

Studio rental is $660 for a half day shoot (4 hours) or for full day shoots is $1090 (up to 10 hours)

It saves from having to set up at an office or location where the sound may not be optimal and distracting to other things happening in the environment.

Q: Is there a high-quality file we can keep of the stream?

A: Yes, the broadcast will be available forever at the normal internet streaming quality but Stream Canberra also records a high-quality recording of the stream and will make the master file available to you within 48 hours of the stream for yo to keep on file and repurpose the video for future promotions.

Q: Where is the best place to stream my event?

A: Live streaming to Facebook is beneficial if you are looking for engagement on your video from people you haven’t advertised or let know about the event. The organic nature of the platform puts your live video in the newsfeed of your followers and anytime someone likes or comments on the video it will appear in their followers newsfeed.

Live streaming to YouTube is great because it gives you an added SEO boost for your company. It also gives you the option to make the video ‘unlisted’ so it can only be viewed by people with the live stream viewing link. YouTube videos can be embedded into blog articles or featured on your website.

Vimeo is the most professional video streaming service. It is not free like Facebook and YouTube but will give you a slightly better quality look.

Working with Vimeo or Facebook Stream Canberra can develop a branded web page for your website to make the stream available to your viewers live from your site. This is useful if you want to collect people’s emails or get them to download a report to follow along with during the live stream.

Q: Can I overlay presentation slides or graphics over the stream?

A: Yes you can. You can provide power point slides, photos, videos or animations which can be broadcast during the live stream. Stream Canberra has a team of animators that can mock up branded lower thirds (name/title) and also your intro and outro for the broadcast to create a far more professional and polished live broadcast. 

Q: Is there a limit to the number of people who can watch the live broadcast?

A: Generally speaking you can have as many viewers as will watch your live stream.

Q: Can Stream Canberra edit our love stream into a highlights reel?

A: Yes, Stream Canebrra has a team of editors who are able to pick out the best parts of the presentation or event to trim down a highlight reel or a series of short marketing videos. These can be branded with the event branding and your animated logo to look professional and consistent with the theme of the event.

Q: Can we do a test run of the live stream the day before the actual event?

A: You certainly can. Stream Canberra is very confident with our live streaming video broadcast service as we have been producing live streams before COVID made it cool. A test stream is billed at 50% of the half day stream rate as we will set up and test the camera angles, patch in the presenters, test the internet speeds and slides. If you want a full dress rehearsal it will be billed at the same rate as the stream.

Q: How can I get a quote to live stream my event?

A: Please fill out the contact form below with details of your event and we will be in touch soon to guide you through planning the event and your investment.

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